25 White Tops I’m Loving



One of my very favorite things to wear during the summer is pretty white top. I love them paired with white jeans, cutoff shorts, or a fun pair of culottes. They are a great thing to invest in since they’re so versatile, and they definitely look best with a summer tan (which I do not have right now – bring on the St. Tropez!). SO, I rounded up 25 at all price points and for all occasions! I think this one is my most favorite, but I would wear this one the most. 

What Do I Do?


I get this question – as well all do – all of the time. It’s a conversation starter, a way to make connections, a way to get to know someone. Problem is, when people ask me this question I don’t have a great streamlined response. An elevator pitch, if you will. Each of my jobs is very different from the other, so it’s complicated to explain to a stranger sometimes. And then, of course, there’s explaining that blogging is a job (a job I love, of course, but a job!). SO, I’m here to explain it all to ya today. 

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Hey, Monday!


What a whirlwind of a weekend! I headed to Athens, GA for my sweet friend (my freshman roommate at Auburn!)’s wedding day. She was an absolute perfect bride and every detail was so, so beautiful. I really wish I had captured more photos, but how beautiful was the cake table? I rarely ever eat at weddings, but I never miss trying the cake. This one was so good – not dry at all! – and lemon, which is one of my favorites. Anyone else a wedding crier? They get me every. single. time. Such a happy day! Congrats, Clew and Taylor 🙂 

WEDDING SHOES: OK, I have to quickly update you on the shoes I wore. I bought the Steve Madden heels I mentioned on Saturday, and while they are a great looking knock-off, DON’T BUY THEM. My feet are still sore. I looked like a fool by the end of the night, because I literally could not stand on the balls of my feet and was thisclose to taking them off and going barefoot. Anyone have any comfortable heels they can wear for several hours? Wondering if I should just get these and be done with it.

SKINCARE: I’m really trying to take better care of my skin, but it’s an area in which I’m nooooot an expert. I am having pretty bad break-outs on my chin lately. I’ve heard is hormones and/or dairy…which I’ve really tried to eat less of (minus my on-the-road Zaxby’s grilled cheese yesterday – aka the best grilled cheese ever). I am really tempted to splurge on this serum (apparently it’s life-changing), but I’m wondering if anyone has tried it or has other skincare recommendations?!

UPCOMING CONTENT: I’m working on some fun content for the next few weeks (aka forcing myself to stop writing posts at the last minute), so let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see! In the works: an updated day in the life, a little more about what I do, a week of what I ate (cheese, sweets, and meat-free), home updates, and more. Oh, do you guys like the recipes? I think I’m going to keep those up, too!

NEW BLOGS?: Looking for some new lifestyle-centric blogs to follow. If you write a blog or have recommendation for one you’re loving, please leave it below. You can see everyone I follow on Bloglovin’ here. (If you don’t use Bloglovin’, you should!)


Weekend Browsing

Acai Bowl

Happy Saturday! Had to interject my favorite Nordstrom sale picks into the normal weekly scheduling, but this is my favorite post of the week, so it’s going up today! This week flew by since I didn’t get back from mart until late Monday. It was a week of catch-up, but I spent all night last night cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, and rearranging my office/guest room. Since I’ve been working from home so much, I decided it’s necessary to start making use of my desk! Hopefully I’ll have it all finished and styled to share over here soon. Hope you’re having a nice Saturday!

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