What to Wear on the Fourth

I am living weekend to weekend this summer, you guys. That’s how summer works, right? I’m headed down to one of my favorite places this weekend to celebrate the 4th with a ton of friends from home, college, and post-grad. So excited! I am starting to mentally pack (and working 12 hour days to get ready for a shorter work-week next week), and I’ve decided that the 4th might be the best day of the year to go with an all-white outfit.

Chances are you spent the day (and this year the entire weekend!) in the sunshine, so your tan will be looking it’s best which is the definitely the best (only) time to sport white from head to toe. Then, you can accessorize with any of the navy and red you already have in your closet (if not, Shopbop by way of Amazon Prime is your friend). I really am loving the idea of this little sailboat neck-scarf. Cute, right? Of course, you really can’t go wrong with a little off the shoulder action, either. 


Weekend Browsing

The Darling / Charleston, SC

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. It’s been a little bit busy on my end – trying to balance out the new job with my current ones – but I think slowly, but surely, I’m getting the hang of it. It’s my favorite time of year in Charleston, so I’m really making an effort to enjoy and take advantage of every single weekend (especially since I’m traveling over a good bit from July-September!). This weekend consists of a fun event with Emily Giffin, out to dinner and drinks with friends, and a laid-back Sunday at church and going grocery shopping – the usual. What’s on tap for you? Hope it’s a sunny one! 🙂 

links & such:

  • I really need to talk about Orange is the New Black. I can’t tell you how emotional I was in the last few episodes. Has anyone watched?!
  • Victoria is one of my very favorite bloggers – I always anticipate her posts – and I loved the Q&A she did this week! (side note: how intimidating are Q&A’s? I really want to do one, but I’m afraid no one really cares enough to ask a question 😂)
  • I am (randomly) nominated for a lifestyle blog award in Charleston, and it would seriously mean the world if you voted for me!
  • Frozen. Rosé. You’re welcome.


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Summer Trend I’m Digging

Most food/fruit/pattern trends eventually run their course for me. I feel like I’m moving in that direction with palm prints (sad!) and definitely a little tired of the pineapple trend in excess. However, fun watermelon prints stand the test of time for me. Perhaps it’s because they remind me of my godmother who I loved to the moon (not entirely sure why they remind me of her, either. I think she had a lot of watermelon decor in her kitchen!) or maybe because I know my dad loves to eat his covered in salt. Watermelon brings back memories of summers on the back patio with our family friends over for a cookout on Saturday night. They’re nostalgic, and I’m absolutely a nostalgic person. Who knows what it is exactly, but I know I’ve been gravitating towards any and all things watermelon this summer. Above, you can click the products to get more information and you can find the frozen watermelon margarita recipe right here.

Homemade Cold Brew Recipe

Make your own cold brew coffee

Make cold brew coffee at home!

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

So now that I am actually writing this out, it feels a liiiittle bit silly because, you guys…making cold brew at home is SO EASY. So easy. Easier than brewing hot coffee. I’m never going back. I didn’t have all of the equipment to start, but I’m telling you, it’s worth the investment. 

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