Charleston: 167 Raw


Oysters, rose, 167 raw, charlestonLiving in a coastal town, we have somewhat high expectations when it comes to seafood. We expect fresh and delicious dishes and enjoy the occasional eclectic twist on a piece of fish or bowl of shellfish. However, being able to master the classics – making the simple mouthwatering – is something to be praised. 167 Raw hopped onto the scene less than one year ago, and that is precisely what they’ve been doing.lobster roll–charleston-167 raw-raw barThe smaller menu at 167 Raw ensures that each dish is mastered perfectly. We each ordered a sandwich and split them (the best way to dine!). I can’t speak more highly of the lobster roll. The lobster was the star of the show – without the unneccesary fillers or extra mayo – on top of the most perfectly buttered bun. The special of the day was a softshell crab sandwich that was equally as satisfying. It was topped with a delicious mixture of peaches, and being the Georgia girl that I am, I was pretty happy about that. raw bar in charleston, south carolina 167 rawBe warned – seating is limited and this is a hotspot! I can assure you that it’s worth any wait. Insider tip: sit at the bar, chat with the friendly staff, and sip on a light glass of rosé – it’s an easy place to dine solo!

This post first appeared on the Charleston Inside Out blog, where I am a freelance contributor (but I couldn’t let you guys miss out on the goodness!)

July 4th Little Things

I know it’s a little late to be posting items for the 4th, BUT I’m just getting excited for this weekend! Two of my best friends are coming in town and we will be boating and beaching and all of the fun patriotic things. That said, we’ll be on a boat all day long and I’ll be packing anything and everything we might need. I’m beyond obsessed with my new Hayden Reis South Carolina pouch, so I think that will be holding essentials like cell phone, ID, credit card, and any little beauty products I tote along. Click the (+) above to shop the post, and I’ve included other beach/water essentials below.

Songs that make you cry

songs that make you cry death to the stock photoThe first blog I ever read was penned by my super-cool cousin, eLaney. The other day – in some state of emotion – I remembered a blog post that she had written about those songs that made you cry. Most people will tell you that I’m a liiiiittle bit of a crier (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) so I love a good make-you-cry song or movie. I went back through the archives of eLaney and found the post and then subsequently listened to every single song on the list. Every one of them definitely didn’t do it for me, but I loved reading everyone’s responses.

SOOOOOO, I wanna know…what song makes you cry?

Mine: Make You Feel My Love (Adele version), You’re Not Sorry (Taylor Swift…those high school breakups will get ya), Welcome to our World (Chris Rice) and Vienna (Billy Joel).

image via Death to the Stock Photo

IMG_3712Favorite Swell Caroline Pineapple studs:

If you’re following along on Instagram (or following any bloggers at all on Insta), you may have noticed photos tagged with something like this: #liketkit. I just started plugging it in, because it’s a really great resource!

IMG_3659Favorite gifts from my favorite Charleston shop:

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IMG_4021A little modeling with my pal Gray (@itasgrayarea – follow him!):

You can set the emails to send immediately, once a day, or once a week (I don’t like for my inbox to flood, so mine are set to once a week). It’s so much fun scrolling through and seeing what my favorite blogger buds are wearing!

Processed with VSCOcam with n1 presetSummer essentials:

I like it a lot because it’s a little more streamlined – if possible, I link only to the items in the photo (unless I note otherwise!). That way, you know you’re getting the exact item that you see! I hope to be posting more and more in the coming weeks, so be sure and sign up now.