Bikinis on the Walls


I have had the opportunity over the past few years to meet so many fabulous artists – I swear Charleston breeds them! One of my all. time. favorites. is miss Dorothy Shain (who has since relocated to Greenville!). 

I mentioned on a Weekend Browsing post once, but her swimsuit series is one of my favorite artist series of all time. I love the neutral ones personally, because I know I can take them from place to place and room to room without ever having to worry about the colors matching. My black bikini piece is hands-down my favorite piece of art lately. Isn’t it amazing?

I had plans to put it on a gallery wall I’m working on, but once I saw it in person, I knew that I absolutely had to have it stand alone. It’s too good! I love that the color scheme doesn’t scream summer, but it keeps that summertime feeling happening in my apartment (near the bar cart, no less) all year long.

Dorothy’s artwork is French-influenced and she mentioned that she oftentimes concentrates more on the process than the end-product (yes, yes, yes for so many aspects of life!). This particular series was influenced by the art deco period in Miami, and it’s my favorite of hers so far. You can shop it all right here!


A Weekend in California

I’m back in Nashville! You likely saw on social media (sorry, it was a bit of an overload), that I was in California this weekend. I flew out with La Crema to host an event at their new estate with two of my favorite people – Kristan and Megan. Lots of fun details to come from that, but I wanted to share some of the other things we did this weekend.

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Eyelash Extensions

img_9892p img_9923p

Zara Velvet Bodysuit // Club Monaco Pant // Empire State Finery Earrings c/o 

Every time I get dressed, whether it’s in the morning for a normal day or for a fancier night out, the most time consuming part of the process is putting on mascara. I’m a little bit obsessed with opening up my eyes with the product, and it takes forever to get a great coat of it on. For that reason, I have always wanted to try eyelash extensions! I know so many people who have had them and loved them, so I wanted to test them out and share with you guys.

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little things no. 28


ONE: DAGNE DOVER BUCKET BAG – the prettiest new addition to their collection.

TWO: MARK SIKES BEAUTIFUL – front and center on my coffee table now.

THREE: JEFFREY CAMPBELL BITSIE PUMPS – obsessed with that heel + color.

FOUR: ATHLETA JACKET – on the search for new athleisure! (Any suggestions?)

FIVE: JONATHAN ADLER COASTERS – such a fun design.