Weekend Browsing

Hasell MoonI have plans to do absolutely nothing this weekend – and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I want to stay in, cook dinner, clean my apartment, and chiiiiill. The next few weeks are going to be pretty hectic (in the best way!), so I’m excited about a little relaxation. Also, it’s payday, and I’m literally spending no money outside of online shopping this weekend.

news & links:

I’m taking over the Camp Perri Instagram today, so come follow along with the adorableness.

23 Things I Wish I’d Known at 23 – so. so. so. good.

Gotta try making this spinach pesto hummus.

This hot pink look on my friend Jenny is perfection!

Got my hair did at Tease Blow Dry Bar on King Street with my friend Monica this week – too fun! (wearing: favorite denim vest, favorite shirt, favorite white jeans)

shopping & such:

Build your own (awesome) stack on BaubleBar – for quite the deal!

This ASOS white top would be amazing year-round.

FINALLY getting these leggings from the Nordstrom sale this weekend.

This. Dress. Must. Have.IMG_0133snapchat: anniereeves

in case you missed it:

Fruit & Flower by Kate Waddell (someone buy this one, please)

Summer Shopbop Sale Faves

Hanger to Home (a FREE personalized shopping experience shipped to your door!)


Fruit & Flower by Kate Waddell


Introducingggggg one of my VERY favorite Charleston artists (and people) – Kate Waddell. How we haven’t gotten to this over here on the blog yet, I don’t know, because since the second I saw Kate’s work, I have been obsessing. She just graduated from CofC this May, and she’s already killing the Charleston art game.

I’ve already commissioned a piece for myself (more to come on that…), but today she is releasing an entire series of paintings: Fruit and Flower. I could never even pretend to pick a favorite, but y’all know how I feel about those from above angles…and fruit…and flowers…I need them all.

Anyways, you can pick up your paintings (or one of three prints at $50!!!) today on her site starting at 10AM. I know it’s gonna go quick, so get over there and grab one ASAP. I’m so proud of Kate and blown away by her talent – so happy to call her my friend! Now go support her so she can buy groceries :) :) :)

Shopbop Summer Sale Favorites

OKAY, it’s July, it doesn’t get hot until mid-October here, and I love summertime. I am NOT ready to start fall shopping. I know, I know the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is happening and it’s awesome blah blah blah. I couldn’t look at it anymore, so I’ve been browsing Shopbop’s sale (aka scrolling through SIXTY-SIX PAGES – you’re welcome) and picking out fun summer items on sale. I get paid on Friday, and I’m leaving for CABO two weeks from today, soooooo I’ll be picking my favorites from above to shop then to wear in Mexicoooooo. WOOHOO I love summertime clothes!!!

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