Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday! This weekend was so much fun. Lots of friends were in and out of town, and we celebrated Deirdre and Grace’s birthday at the Oyster Shed at Leon’s – such an amazing space! I didn’t spend my usual time blogging this weekend (kind of nice to take the weekend off!), but I wanted to share these photos. It was just so pretty and so fun. Oh, and I also started watching The Hills on Friday night – so cheesy, but so good. It’s on Hulu in case you were wondering! Have a great day! xx

Weekend Browsing


Hellooooo, Friday! The weather has been so funny in Charleston this week – constantly fluctuating between sunny and stormy. It’s a little frustrating when you’re trying to get something done outdoors, but it actually feels great. I took some work photos out on Sullivan’s yesterday, and I walked out by the water for few minutes which was really nice. I love how quiet the beach is on a random weekday afternoon. I dipped my toes in the water, snapped a few photos, and headed back to the car, but it was refreshing to take a second off and soak it all in. Anyway, hope you have a nice weekend ahead! I’m excited to celebrate Deirdre’s birthday, spend some time with visiting friends, and prep blog things for next week. OH, and I posted really late yesterday, so make sure you check out the apple tart recipe. Xo!

links & news:


shopping & sales:

  • Loooove this skort on sale at Club Monaco (Carolyn bought it when she was here last weekend!)
  • Want. To. Try. These.
  • I like the idea of this for a bad hair day when you still need to look nice. 
  • Really want this entire copper bar tools set – especially since West Elm is having their friends and family sale (20% off everything!!)
  • I love everything in this new collection at Lulu and Georgia (thanks, Alex!!)

Simple Apple Tart Recipe


Honeycrisp apples miiiiight be one of my most favorite foods. Really. In fact, I don’t even love most other apples. I think it started when I was doing the paleo diet in college, because it literally was the only sweet and satisfying thing I could have. Needless to say, not doing the paleo thing anymore, but I still love the apples. 

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little things

a few things on my radar right now:

ONE: Leggings season is upon us! I’m all about a twist on the classic cuts but always prefer black leggings. This pair fits the bill. 

TWO: I feel like I’m always switching bags – from clutches to work bags to everything in between – so I sometimes leave credit cards in random pockets and find myself unable to pay when the check comes…oops. I’ve started carrying just my most important cards in a little card holder, but it’s getting stretched out. Thinking I need one like this with a button/enclosure to keep them safe!

THREE: The new Candy Shop Collection is so much fun. I always get compliments on my croissant earrings, and they’re finally online!! (On a beautiful new website, I might add)

FOUR: I wore my white tennis shoes out this summer. It’s definitely time to grab a new pair for fall, and I love that these have the subtle pattern on the back.

FIVE: I really need to do a full post on how much I love It Cosmetics. I’ve tried so many different foundations, and I truly think this one is my very favorite. I’m medium in the summer, and it looks like I’ll be a mix of medium/light in the winter.