In the Studio with Christina Jervey

In the Studio with Christina JerveyLast (rainy) Wednesday, I had the very cool opportunity to go hang out with my friend Christina Jervey in her studio.

If you don’t know already, Christina is an amazingly talented jewelry designer and maker who physically makes every piece of her jewelry in this little studio! Isn’t it an awesome space? Ring Making with Christina JerveyAfter a long time chatting and catching up, Christina walked me through the process of making one of her beautiful hammered rings. We did everything from cutting the metal down to my size, welding it together (I let her handle that…you may have seen on snapchat!), hammering it into a perfect circle (while adding that cool texture), and shining it up. Hammering a ringI actually did the hammering (!!!) which was so cool. Even for such a tiny project like this ring, it was neat to walk out and feel like I really contributed something in making my new little piece of jewelry.

I can’t imagine the satisfaction that Christina has when she finishes a much bigger and more personal project.In fact, most of her projects are beginning to lean in that direction. She recently started doing fine jewelry and wedding rings, which means she gets to know her clients more personally.

I may or may not have her pricing some bracelets my mom and me for Christmas. Dad, are you reading?? :)

I’ve been obsessed with Christina’s work for much longer than I’ve been in Charleston, and it has been so much fun getting to know her over the past year. I rounded up a few of my favorite pieces currently on her site, so that you could get a good taste of her style (and maybe pick up a little jewelry for yourself).

I love the texture of her pieces, and now knowing how much work goes into every single work – it means a whole lot more! It was pretty insane to see all of the things she has made right there in her small studio. Amazing.christina-jervey-jewelry

leaf earrings / small textured cuff / infinity studs / goddess cuff / 3 stone earrings / stick cross pendant / sand tiger shark tooth earrings / wavy band rings / organic sapphire ring / francisco cuff / neck cuff / diamond bezel stud

How are you ever supposed to choose a favorite?? There are tons of other good things on the site I didn’t include, and Christina is awesome about working on custom pieces. I loved the idea of having a bride come in and help make gifts for her bridesmaids!!! Such a sweet, personable touch. Gotta love this awesome creative community in Charleston!

P.S. Christina was part of The Question Game this week – check it out.

little things no. 15

Net-A-Porter is having an awesome sale right now!!

I had so many things pulled for my own shopping bag, I figured I would share them for this week’s edition of the little things. I keep saying I’m going to pick up a pair of cool earrings from J.Crew (inspired by my friend Hannah), so I think this may be the time to pull the trigger. I think I grabbed the best deals (I’m a price low to high shopper), and you can click the little plus (+) sign next to the item to shop it. I’ve also included these and a few more things I’m eyeing below. Oh, and check out all of the swimwear on sale – so many great markdowns!


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The Question Game: Part 3


Some of my favorite people that I’ve gotten to know and work with through blogging are jewelry designers. Each of these are uniquely talented with a different process and creative eye, so you should definitely check out their sites. That said, their random question and answers…

What is your go-to 1) happy-cry movie 2) sad-cry song?

Deirdre Zahl (Candy Shop Vintage): 1) 50/50 2) Stay With Me

Christina Jervey1) recent fav:  St. Vincent 2) Breathe Me by SIA

Kate Davis: 1) “The Big Blue” (1988) 2) “Welcome to the Cruel World” (1994) by Ben Harper

Hyla Dewitt: 1) The Notebook 2) AH! I dont really have a sad-cry song. I love to listen to music that makes me happy and want to dance.

Mary Frances Flowers: 1) Lately, I’ve been cry-laughing at Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. If Rebel Wilson’s in it, I’m loving it. 2) Parachute’s ‘Forever and Always’ gets me every time.

Jenny Thompson (Theodosia): 1) Landslide by Fleetwood Mac 2) As for movies…I don’t love movies that make me cry. 

p.s. my answers: 1) I cry in just about every movie. Love My Best Friend’s Wedding, though.  2) Make You Feel My Love (I prefer the Adele version)

iPhone Lately

Rooftop drinksIt’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but they’re always some of my favorites. This long weekend was one with noooot a lot of activity – in the best way! Last week was hectic getting back into the swing of things, so it was nice to take a few days off. However, a lot of my actual Memorial Day was spent working (while restarting The O.C., so I’m not complaining).

 IMG_3378Rooftop drinks at The Vendue and dinner at Monza with my two pals Marika and Brooke. A hilarious bachelor party crew from Boston entertained us and took this photo. Wearing my new favorite Lilla P outfit – shirt and shorts – with Charleston Rice Beads of course.
charleston skylineThey don’t call it the Holy City for nothin’.hydrangeas hampton park flowers in hampton parkFriday involved a quick jog/walk around Hampton Park – one of my favorite Charleston spaces. I’m obsessed with these pink stripe flowers!proof cocktails on king streetFriday night: cocktails at a new (to me) spot on King, Proof. (similar clutch)callies biscuits late night charleston…followed by late-night biscuits from Callie’s. pretty landscaping on sullivan's islandSaturday morning I met my buds Lanie and Emily at Sullivan’s (pre-huge crowds) for sunshine and wind and sand and blog-talk.sullivan's island acai bowlsAnd we ate delicious açaí bowls from Cafe Medley on Sullivan’s – which I highly recommend.

Shop >>> black/mirrored sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, wallet/clutch (I’m in love with mine.)Indaco brunch in CharlestonSunday morning I had the. best. brunch. ever. at Indaco. Seriously, the best. There will be more details to come, but I couldn’t leave out these bottomless bellinis from the round up.tavern and table drinks by the waterSunday night Marika and I had dinner at Tavern + Table on Shem Creek. Delicious kale + brussels salad that I cannot more highly recommend!

wearing >>> shorts ($37.99!!) + top (I prefer it large so I order several sizes up) + hat (similar)

What were your weekend highlights? Hope it was a happy one! OH, and I’ll be back this afternoon with part 3 of the question game. See ya then!